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Modular coffee machine launches on Kickstarter

Bangkok, Thailand; Madrid, Spain – May, 2017

Coffee lovers, rejoice! FUSE Coffee Co. is launching its latest crowd funding campaign – The Porta Rista™ - on Kickstarter. Porta Rista™ is an eco-system of customizable and interchangeable modules that does-it-all -- grinds coffee beans, makes an espresso shot, presses a cup of long black and drips a pour-over coffee. The different twist-on modules are attachable either on top or below the system’s core that houses a stainless steel coffee container.

This allows anybody to customise their coffee to their liking at any time or place, explains co-founder Kenneth Chai.

“It’s something like LEGO: Imagine the coffee press, espresso machine, coffee drip, coffee grinder, capsule machine etc. all in your backpack,” explains the founder of FUSE Coffee.

Ultra-portable and versatile, the modules are fully manual and require no electricity.

Module X is an espresso maker that takes both coffee grounds and coffee pods. The other module, the Press (Module Y), is for those who wish to carry their coffee press with them. Ultra-portable and versatile, the modules are fully manual and require no electricity.

“With the Grinder (Module Z), you can grind fresh beans in whichever grind size you like, directly into the Core unit underneath,” he added. “Then, you simply twist-on Module X or Y to brew it right away, or seal it airtight for later.”

The easy assembly or removal of parts also allows for cleaning unlike traditional coffee machines that require technical know-how to clean. Porta Rista™ coffee containers are lined with non-stick coating similar to those found on frying pans.

“We are excited to showcase our first three modules to the global coffee community. With your support, FUSE hopes to develop even more modules planned down the pipeline”, says Kenneth. “Even though we are only a small team of coffee enthusiasts, our start-up has an ambitious goal. We believe it's time to change the way we look at coffee machines.”

The company already have other exciting modules under development, and look forward to the public response. "We are extremely interested in what coffee lovers around the world think -- hence the launch on Kickstarter."

To learn more about their products, crowd funding campaign or to pledge a reward visit their Kickstarter page at

Customisable parts

The Module X is a manual espresso maker. Using coffee grounds, the module features a dial at the bottom valve that lets you vary the pressure and intensity of your espresso shot anywhere from 8 to 16 bar (116 – 232 psi). Measuring 80 mm (3.1 in) by 135 mm (5.3 in), the module is also compatible with 4 different coffee pods in the market via optional adapters.

The Module Y is manual coffee press, it can carry up to 40 g ( 1.4 oz ) of ground, enough to brew 3 – 4 cups of long black on the go. Perfect for the office, camping, or at home.

The Module Z is a manual coffee grinder that funnels grounds directly into the core for dripping/pour-over, or use with Module X or Y.

Promotional period

During its first three days, the company is offering a (Super Early Bird) 50% discount on all the rewards.

FUSE Coffee Co. aims to raise 65,000 euros on the world’s largest crowd funding platform.


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